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Imports to the US

We have been importing JDM vehicles to Canada since 2005 and started the US part in 2013. Since then we have sold hundreds of various types of vehicles all across the US from Alaska to Florida. Here is how the process works.

Once you have decided on a specific vehicles, we will send you details information about the vehicle, its condition, mechanical and service and repairs history. We may send you additional pictures, videos and you may decide to have the vehicle independently inspected by a mechanic of your choice. We encourage you to ask many many questions!!

There are three ways of importing it to the US. Most of my buyers come here to our office and drive them home. You fill out a couple of forms in our office and take those forms as well as documents we give you to the border driving the vehicle you are importing.  At the border, you pay duties of 2.5% on the declared value and drive home. You can go to your local DMV office the very same day you arrive with the paperwork to apply for your title. In Oregon and Washington, our buyers actually get their title sorted out the very same day they arrive. If you choose this option, you will get a discount on the price as our expenses are minimum.

If you can't or won't cross the border, we can drop it across the border in Blaine, Washington. Vehicle would be legally imported to the US and would come there with all paperwork. All you have to do is get the key and drive home.

We can also have it directly shipped to your address. In this case just like dropping it across the border, it would come complete with paperwork and you would simply need to visit your dmv to apply for title.

We guarantee the vehicle would be legally imported to the US or you will get your money back plus your expenses.

Once you have been satisfied with the vehicle description we have provided to you and once you have decided on it, we may ask for a deposit to proceed with having the vehicle ready for crossing the border. The deposit is fully refundable if the vehicle isn't as described.

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