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About 41% of our business is custom orders. But, our custom order is very different from the online brokers that you find googling and details are below.

When you need or desire a certain type of vehicle that isn't in our Canadian inventory, you can write to us with the following:

make, model, type of vehicle, condition of the vehicle, mileage, transmission type, options such as 2wd or 4wd etc. Once we get this info, we would start our search.  If we have it in our inventory in Japan, we will send you details if we don't, we would be sending you information of vehicles we find on daily basis. Pictures, grades, mileage and general condition as well as result of our inspection of the vehicle. If you think it is the right vehicle, we would bid.

Your Safety Net:

Not all vehicles sold in Japan are problems free. In fact, sometimes they are sold precisely because there are issues that cost too much for the owner to fix so they are sold off. We have had experiences whereby vehicles look all nice and shiny but there is an underline issue that is hard to detect through a quick inspection on the auction floor or yard.


We do repairs, we do service and we sell it to you with warranty. Furthermore once we are done with it, you can have an independent garage do a thorough inspection on the vehicle before committing to it. If your inspection finds any power train related issues you get your refund in full. Our service package would include the following:
timing belt, water pump, radiator, fluids, filters, seals, brakes etc. And, if we find any issues through our inspection here, we would do the necessary repairs.

We also do compliance, inspection and registration in Canada

Vehicles that are 15 year or older can be imported into Canada but they are not completely exempt and would need to be inspected by a registered facility. Certain aspects of the vehicle would need to be compliant such as Day Time Running Light, DOT approved and certified windshield, DOT approved and certified headlights, DOT tires as well as window glasses. Vehicle must have high mounted stop light, reflective lights and other compliant related modifications.  95% of vehicles in japan do not have DOT headlights. About 35% won't have  DOT approved tires, We are responsible for doing all of this (except tires. If it comes with DOT tires we would of course give it to you with those tires and have it inspected but if not, buyer is responsible for arranging tires for the purpose of inspection). We would inspect the vehicle through a registered garage, register it in BC and when done, you can have it insured in our office and drive it home.

Most importantly, we do not take your down payment of 30% until we have confirmed, that we have acquired the vehicle. No importer ever does that. Your do the down payment only after we have informed you that the vehicle you have agreed to after checking the information we have sent to you is purchased. Until then while we search, you have total freedom of backing down and are not stuck with us because you have a down payment with us which gives you total freedom.

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