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Mitsubishi Delica, Nissan Skyline and Toyota Land Cruiser plus more jdm importer, dealer and service specialist

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Vehicles that are marketed to the US would be priced significantly higher than those sold in Canada. Vehicles that are eligible for US import especially 1989-1996 models of  Delicas, Skylines, LandCruisers, Nissan Safaris, Toyota Hiaces and other similar vehicles sell in Japan for as much as 30-40% more and the reason is availability and demand. It is not easy to find a 25 years or old vehicle that would have such low mileage and in such good condition and we compete with US buyers who sometimes pay retail price for this vehicles in Japan.

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We do all sort of repairs on all types of JDM Cars, Trucks,
 SUV's and Vans
Tel: 604 727 0232

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Mitsubishi Delica
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-- Sold hundreds of vehicles all across North America- From Queen Charlotte Island in the West, Whitehorse in the North and Nova Scotia in the East to Florida in the south!
-- Been almost exclusive dealer and importer of extremely rare camperized Delicas and Hiaces vans as well as other campers and Motor homes.
-- Serviced and reconditioned thousands of all types of JDM cars, trucks and SUVs 

Unless stated ootherwise, all of our vehicles have will come with a complete service and inspection package , are registered locally and, whether it is a pre-ordered vehicle or sold at our dealership here, they can all be independently inspected by a mechanic of your choice.

Please feel free to go through our inventory and see what we currently have in stock don't forget to check what is coming soon to Silk Road Autos.

Silk Road is also your best choice for special ordering Japanese used cars. For more details on how that process works, please click here

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Delica dealer Canada- Your best source for Mitsubishi Delica Vans, Toyota Hiace Vans, Landcruisers, Nissan Skyline, Delica Camper and Toyota Hiace camper vans and various other JDM automobiles.

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