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We do all sort of repairs on all types of JDM Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Vans.
Tel: 604 727 0232

Write to me with:
Make, Model, year,transmission, preferred colour, condition, mileage as well as other details such as 2 or 4wd, no of passengers, trim and any extra features. You can also include a wish list. For example, roof racks, rear ladder, alloy wheels, winch, rear hitch receiver, spoiler, body kit etc. please note that, we may refuse to take an order if the wish list is too long and unreasonable as not all cars come equipped with all or even one of these pieces of equipment. Finding such a vehicle may take a very long time and thus may not be in yours or our ours best interest to take on such an order.

We will discuss these details with our partner in Japan and get back to you with a set price delivered to you. We do not act as brokers and will sell the vehicle to you at the time you place a down payment on it. This also means we would do the compliance, inspection, registration, full service which would include timing belt, water pump, fluids, filters, seals, brakes, etc. We will do all and any repairs needed Once we are done with the vehicle you can take and inspect it independently before taking it home. The only thing we do not provide is tires. If the vehicle comes with decent and DOT tires you do not need to worry but if it comes with worn out tires and/or non DOT, you will need to provide us with tires or we would need to buy them at your expense.

Matching Vehicle and Search Process:-
We will send you details of the vehicles that we have in stock including pictures and if we do not have one in stock, we would locate one for you. If we have to locate one, you will be in charge of making the final decision on whether we should buy it after you have been provided with details pertaining to the vehicle. We would send you a few pictures, and describe the vehicle in details to you.  We will only proceed to purchase the vehicle after you have given us the go ahead.

Contact Details:-
We would need to have your contact details such as email address and telephone number. We would be using your email to share information with you regarding any prospective vehicle we find. However, we may also need to call you to discuss the vehicle as sometimes vehicles are listed only for a few hours before they are being auctioned and we may not have enough time to wait for your email reply.

Down Payment:-
We would need a down payment which is 30% of the agreed price. We do not require down payment at the start of the process. It is best to first test the market and see whether we can find the desired vehicle. If we do find one, we would then ask for a down payment prior to bidding on the vehicle. Sometimes, however, it is best to have the down payment done beforehand as time may not allow us to get all sorted out before the vehicle gets auctioned off. Important to note that,  down payment is not refundable unless you are not satisfied with the drive train of the vehicle. Once the vehicle gets here and is serviced and repaired by us, you are welcome to have it independently inspected by a mechanic or shop of your choice. If you are not satisfied with the drive train of the vehicle, we will release you from the agreement and have your down payment returned. This would also be clarified in the purchase agreement form that you would sign when you make the down payment. Your down payment is also refundable if your vehicle doesn't come as described. However, it would need to be some major discrepancy and not because it has got a scratch that we may have missed.

While specially ordered vehicles are on average cheaper than vehicles retailed at the dealership, the price would all depend on the type, condition and mileage of the vehicle. The better the desired condition and the lower the desired mileage, the higher the price is going to be. After we have reviewed your details, we would  take a six weeks sold data into consideration to determine the average price of your vehicle. But, in general we give a huge discount on specially ordered vehicles as we have a committed buyer so even if our profit margin is minimum, it is still a worthwhile part of our business.

Vehicle Inspection:-
We will personally inspect the vehicle before bidding on it and as such even if we have discussed a vehicl
e with you beforehand and you have agreed to let us purchase it, there is a chance that upon inspecting the vehicle we would reject it. Therefore, a vehicle is not yours until we have informed you otherwise. Most auctions are reliable, but over time we have learned that a personal inspection does help reveal more about the vehicle. Unless it is a private sale, we would be unable to personally inspect the vehicle until the auction day so, the information shared with you prior to auction day would be from the perspective of the auction inspectors and not based on our own check of the vehicle.

Responsibility and Liability:-
As was mentioned above, we do not act as brokers. From the moment you agree to proceed with the special order, you are entering into an agreement to purchase this vehicle from us. And, as registered dealer here in Canada, you are entitled to all the legal protection that you would have under the law. Furthermore, as outlined above, we are responsible for doing all the paper work, inspection, registration as well as offer you a full service and repair package. You also get the vehicle with warranty just like buying any other vehicle we currently have on the lot.  Any specially ordered vehicle would go through the same process of being readied for sale as any of our other vehicles currently on sale at the dealership. You also get the same long term service and assistance commitment from us.

We can normally find a vehicle within the first two to three weeks of having taken the order. However, please note that, the time it takes to find a vehicle would depend on the type of vehicle and the condition you desire as well as your wish list. The longer your wish list and the higher your desired condition of the vehicle, the longer it will take for us to find one. There has been times when we have got a vehicle here in Vancouver within five weeks of receiving an order. However, we have also had a situation where it took us six weeks t
o just find a vehicle. It is in our interest to find the vehicle faster but it is also very important to be cautious and not hurry things up. Patience and understanding is greatly appreciated while we locate the right vehicle. There has only been a single case where it has taken three months to deliver a specially ordered vehicle. Most vehicles are delivered within 45 to 60 days.

We may not accept down payment on vehicles that are rare or custom orders with a long list of definitely required options. For example, if you ask for a camperized Delicas, we would not accept down payment as it may take months or even years to find one.  Or if you ask for a vehicle with roof racks, rear ladder, rear hitch, lifted and so on. This is because we rarely come across a vehicle that would have all these options. The vehicle may have some of your required options and not all. Your wish list for options would need to be reasonable.

At the end I would like to say that we greatly appreciate your commitment and most importantly highly value your trust in us. It is not easy to purchase anything with pictures and a seller's jargoned description and, this is why we would do everything possible to get a vehicle that is as close to what you desire as possible. And, again, please do ask lots of questions before you come to any decision

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