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United States import Process depends on how you want to take the vehicle

1. You come and pick up the vehicle and drive home about 85% of our buyers choose this option. You will be provided with all necessary paperwork which you would hand in at the border, pay 2.5% duties and drive home. For Washington and Oregon buyers, you can actually drive straight to the nearest DMV office and apply for your title. Once again if you can't import or register, complete refund plus your expenses

2. This option was widely used during the pandemic when borders were closed and is still used by buyers who can't cross the border for any reason. We drop the vehicle with complete paperwork at the Blaine, Washington border crossing. You can then come, get the key and drive home. Vehicle would come with all paperwork, would be legally imported to the US and all you would need is go to your DMV to apply for title.

3. Third option would be to ship the vehicle to your address. Vehicle would come with complete paperwork, legally imported and all it would require is a trip to your local DMV office

We guarantee importation or your money back plus expenses and guarantee title in all states except California and Hawaii. While we have sold many in California and buyers have registered them, however, we have had at least 3 cases where buyers were unable to do so and had to register them at a neighboring state.

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